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STEMxl LLC is an educational apps, consulting, and tutoring company. Our mission is to equip and enable K-16 students to excel in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through student-centered customized teaching techniques and innovative apps.

We offer one-on-one private tutoring in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science for middle school, high school and university students in the Triangle (Cary, Apex, Morrisville, Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill). We specialize in tutoring advanced STEM courses including AP, Honors and college-level courses and in college admission tests preparation.

We adopt a wide array of teaching techniques to address the diverse learning styles of students. Our commonly used techniques are visual, auditory and kinesthetic techniques. We also use active learning techniques and other subject-specific techniques that have been proven to work in research studies.

Our teaching philosophy is to lead the students from the known to the unknown.

We specialize in simplifying difficult and complex concepts in the fundamental sciences such as Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, through time-tested teaching methods and innovative apps.

Our goal at STEMxl is to equip students to think logically to enable problem solving and to inculcate an interest in STEM disciplines to become the stewards of tomorrow’s technology-driven world.

Our long-term goal at STEMxl is to inculcate a love for learning in all our students. If every student we interact with tries to be the best they can be, professionally and personally, then we have succeeded!

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Unsolicited Testimonials

"You are one of the most influential educators that I have ever learned from, and I appreciate it."

"Your tutoring was so critical to her success."

"I am very happy we have you as his tutor and wish I had done it sooner. You are very thorough and your methods are very good."

“I just wanted to let you know that out of all my courses in < university >, your lectures were really awesome and it’s a gift you have for teaching.”

“I learned so much more from you than just Data Structures II, I can never repay you except to be the best I can be in the future. I am grateful that we crossed paths.”

“I really enjoyed your classes very much and normally I don’t really listen to lectures and I skip a lot of classes and your class was one that I never wanted to miss.”

“Scheduling course was really one of the best courses I have done at < university > and it’s really sad that not many took the course but I am really glad I did.”

Curious Corner

Mental Math

Amaze your friends with your mental math prowess!

What is the square of 85?

Answer: 7225. The trick is: the square of a 5-ending number will always end with 25. So we need to only compute what comes before the 25. For 852 it will be 8x(8+1)=8*9=72. Hence 852=7225.

Now try it for the square of 45, 95, 105, ...